Perfect Thanksgiving Wine Pairings for This Year’s Celebration


It’s already that time of year again! Whether you’re cooking for a horde of loved ones, or are charged with wine duty for your celebration, we have Thanksgiving wine pairings to please everyone at the table.


For the Group of Many Tastes

Have a little bit of everything in your group? These dynamic selections offer a diverse collection of tastes and approaches to suit every niche. Cover all of your bases with this collection.


2016 Vin Gris de Cigare

49% Grenache, 19% Grenache Blanc, 13% Mourvèdre, 12% Carignane, 4% Cinsaut, 3% Roussanne

This dry rosé will pair with everything at your Thanksgiving table… if the bottle makes it through appetizers! With a subtle and haunting perfume, this wine is all about elegance and restraint. Rosehips, cassis, fraises de bois, citrus rind, with a wonderfully austere stony finish. Goes perfectly with oysters (if you’re going for a nontraditional menu), but is equally at home aside a cut of roasted turkey. A truly versatile option to consider as you drum up your Thanksgiving wine pairings.


2014 Le Cigare Blanc

66% Grenache Blanc, 34% Roussanne

Since 2003, we’ve produced this blend of grenache blanc and roussanne derived from a single vineyard source, the Beeswax Vineyard in the Arroyo Seco region of Monterey County. The white analog of Le Cigare Volant, it’s a rich, savory wine, intensely flavored for a relatively modest level of alcohol.

Le Cigare Blanc remains a great vin de gastronomie, pairing well with rich, buttery dishes. Savory vegetable gratins and other side dishes are the perfect match to this Rhône white blend.


2012 Le Cigare Volant Réserve

39% Mourvèdre, 33% Grenache, 26% Syrah, 2% Cinsault

Anaerobically perfected in 20 liter glass demijohns on its lees, this wine represents the peak of elegance in the Bonny Doon Vineyard range. Lovely with game birds, lamb, or venison; think pan seared lamb chops with rosemary & garlic, duck liver pâté, grilled quail, and venison steak. Pairs equally well with simpler fare, like cheese.

2013 Syrah Le Pousseur

100% Syrah 

An incredibly accessible wine, great by the glass, and was named one of Food & Wine magazine’s best Thanksgiving bargain syrahs!

Wild plums, blackberries, Griotte cherries and licorice (of course). The tannins are soft and supple, and the wine has so much persistence. Benefits enormously from decantation, and is ideally served in large balloon Burgundy glasses. Pair with lamb chop with a minty chimichurri, or even a bit of briny grilled eggplant.



Fail-Safe Family Friendly Picks

You can’t go wrong with these crowd-pleasing best sellers! These popular selections make for fantastic Thanksgiving wine pairings, and pair seamlessly with a traditional Thanksgiving menu from start to finish.


2014 “Gravitas”

54% Semillon, 43.5% Sauvignon Blanc, 2.5% Orange Muscat

A blend of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musqué and a homeopathic amount of Orange Muscat, “Gravitas” is an homage to the earthy, floral whites of Bordeaux. It’s a real treat for those who are familiar with Bordeaux-style white blends, but approachable for everyone at the table.

Light, deft, and full of fresh acidity, this wine pairs perfectly with all manner of seafood and lighter entrées. Roasted veggies make a great accompaniment, too!


2015 “Cunning”

76% Carginane, 24% Mourvèdre

Your roasted turkey will be stunning with Cunning. All jokes aside, this Rhône red blend of Carignane & Mourvèdre is a staff favorite when choosing Thanksgiving wine pairings. Griotte cherry lozenge, lush, full texture, tobacco, and the unmistakable umami-rich flavor of beef bouillon serve well with traditional Thanksgiving staples like Turkey and savory stuffing.


2012 Le Cigare Volant

39% Mourvèdre, 33% Grenache, 26% Syrah, 2% Cinsault

Our flagship red blend since 1984, and a “Great Wine” Winner at Slow Food’s Slow Wine Awards. Tannic and meaty in the lower registers; peppery, fruitful and delicately floral in the top, all the while showing great balance and harmony. Perfect with a standing rib roast.


2013 “Vinferno”

100% Grenache Blanc

Our late harvest Grenache Blanc dessert wine is extremely well balanced with acidity. Coconut, papaya, pineapple, pear and quince paste in the nose, and a suggestion of dried fruit. There is a wonderful toastiness to the nose, and maybe even the caramelized sugar of a of crème brulée. Pairs effortlessly with pumpkin pie, apple tart, or a course of nuts and cheeses.



Undiscovered Favorites

Different from each other as they may be, these unique selections are sure to bring the family together. Introduce your loved ones to unique and delicious finds that can fulfill even the most particular tastes in the room.


2014 “A Proper Claret”

36% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Petit Verdot, 22% Tannat, 9% Syrah, 7% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc, 1% Petite Sirah

Our “A Proper Claret” is lean, and neither overly alcoholic (weighing in at 13.2%) nor overly extracted, nor overly oakèd; precisely what one would imagine A Proper Claret to be. A silky note of violets and textural elegance lend evidence of the Petit Verdot (22%), in counterpoint to the lead-in-the-pencil firmness offered by the inclusion of the virile Tannat (22%).

Pairs deliciously with a wild mushroom risotto, roasted turkey roulade, or even smoked duck. A perfect wine to have in your glass on a chilly evening by the fire.


2013 Vin Gris Tuilé

55% Grenache, 23% Mourvèdre, 10% Roussanne, 7% Cinsaut, 3% Carginane, 2% Grenache Blanc

Calling all sherry lovers! The Vin Gris Tuilé has a distinctive production process, aged 9 months al fresco in glass demijohn, turning it a brick orange color from the oxidation. Its unique production process imparts a distinctive nuttiness with definitively sherry-like qualities. It’s light, tangy, and dry with notes of lemon, tangerine, butterscotch, caramel, and candied pecan.

Serve it before dinner as an aperitif, or alongside Mediterranean cuisine. Also pairs well with French onion soup, or even oysters on the half shell.


2015 Moscato Giallo

100% Moscato Giallo

A sweet white wine that can charm even the most delicate of palates. The first impression is lavender, immediately followed by candied citrus peel and musk melon, with the slightest trace of bitterness.

Ideal with a savory course like foie gras or a blue cheese cake appetizer, but also just fine as a dessert wine with a fruit dessert. Staff favorite pairings include spicy Sichuan hot pot, Korean cuisine, such as Bibimbap or Ojingeo Bokkeum (Spicy Squid Stir Fry), or Thai. A bit of spice plays nice when pairing the Moscato Giallo!


Looking for more Thanksgiving wine pairings and ideas? For more wine suggestions, or for more pairing ideas, check out our holiday packs.

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    1. Amber says:

      Great recommendations that I’ll remember for later this year. It’s nice to see we’ve finally moved away from the old default of white wine goes with white meat. I loved a Pinot Noir with thanksgiving, but these recs are great!

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