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Doon with the Ship: A Restauration Adventure

It broke my heart to close the restaurant. Actually, my heart was broken many times over in the course of the life of Restaurant Le Cigare Volant, Cellar Door. We had built the most extraordinary tasting room at the winery facility on Ingallsstrasse—did you see the great airship, fashioned after Jules Verne?—after selling the old, […]

Napa Valley Girl

Napa Valley girl She’s a Napa Valley girl Napa Valley Girl She’s a Napa Valley girl Okay, fine For chard, for chard She’s a Napa Valley girl In a tasting room Okay, fine For chard, for chard She’s a… LIKE, OH, MY GOTT (Napa Valley girl) LIKE – TOTALLY (Napa Valley girl) St. Helena is […]

Red Wine, White Wine, Blue Ocean

Real success in the wine business simply may lie in making real wine, and of course having the ability to communicate about this real wine you have somehow achieved.

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